20 September 2009

I'm not dead!

Just a quick post to let those few who may be checking this blog occasionally - I am still alive :)

My day job is eating me alive at present and I can't see things slowing down much before the end of the year. I have got six weeks of leave booked before then but part of that will be overseas and another week (with travel) at the Clubman Nationals in Jindabyne. Throw in a bit of time with family etc and the car isn't going to get much attention.

That said, I've been making (slow) progress on some design issues, particularly the tail end of the car. If I find the time I need for it, I'll draw it in Sketchup and post it here for comment.

And now, back to work. Yes, right now, At 11:30pm on a Sunday, I'm logged in to work checking things :(