14 July 2008

Catching up again

Restarting this blog now that I'm making some visible progress and because I've shifted my web page hosting as well. I'll jam a few months worth of updates into this post and hopefully try to put something up every week or two.

So, from January 2008, some chassis progress:

And from more recently, some suspension bits. First the shortened strut housings with the Koni inserts etc:

And then the parts to make an adjustable top mount for the strut:

Lastly, the top mount bolted into the 135mm diameter tube that will actually get welded into the chassis:

All of the alloy bits need to go off for anodising yet but I can proceed with putting the tubes into the chassis. That'll need a jig to hold everything in place (the tubes go into the chassis at a 5.3 degree angle to suit the installed angle of the strut itself) so I'm making that now.

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