21 September 2008

A bit of a gap between postings I see. I've been busy, busy with work and family so there hasn't been lots of visible progress on the car (which is not to say there's nothing going on - it's just not all that noticeable).

However, I got my suspension plates back from anodising during the week and (with a little help from Paul - thanks mate) I got the spherical bearings pressed into the moving plate and the retainer circlips installed. That meant I could hang the plate and a complete strut assembly in the chassis for the first time. Having done that, I hoisted up a wheel and had a look at that too - very nice. Still lots to do but it feels good to have a wheel hung (sort of) on the chassis - makes it seem more "real".

Here's the plates with their nice anodised finish:

The strut hung in the chassis at roughly ride height:

and two views of the wheel mounted up:

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