04 August 2012

The big test day arrives

Again with the gap between posts - oops! So, since then I've done lots! May 2012 - Got the firewall panels welded in. I originally thought about full seam welding but they're probably just going to get a bead of Sikaflex/seam-sealer both sides and then painted over. Photo from the front also shows the welded in panels in the "arm-rest" sill panels. That's all the structural parts of the chassis complete, so time to find out where the B&T jig is and get twisting! 26 July 2012 - Important milestone today. Don't have the actual report yet but, based on the trial runs Paul and I did last night, it exceeds the required 3800Nm/degree (and 1.25mm beaming) quite comfortably. That's 285kg of besser blocks and chunks of scrap steel on the hook for the torsion test - the angle (or lack) of the beam in the last pic may give you some idea of the stiffness (oooh, errr missus). Many, many thanks to Paul Hannell for both the use of his workshop and his ongoing technical assistance and to Don Myles for his assistance today lifting besser blocks on and off (and on and off and.....). 27 July 2012 - Got a phone call from the engineer, who obviously knew I was sitting like an expectant father waiting for results. 5828 Nm/degree and 0.3mm beaming distortion. His remark? "You could put a V8 in that if you wanted!" Quite pleased at this point. Now that I know the chassis doesn't need to change, the real work can begin.

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