16 February 2010

Tired - Oh so very tired :(

Well, the 6 weeks leave got canceled for work and I stumbled through the end of the year tireder than ever. The leave is re-booked for March/April and should (all things being equal) let me actually get some quality time in on the car. We did sneak a whole three days off work in November to go to the Nationals and it was well worth it.

A member on one of the forums I frequent ribbed me (gently) about my slow progress and, perhaps because it touched a nerve, I replied quite honestly with my feelings on the matter, as follows:

To me, progress requires the convergence of three different sets of resources - Temporal, Physical, & Emotional. I need to simultaneously have the time, the money (or materials or whatever), and the mental enthusiasm to achieve anything.

For a very long time, I had no physical resources - no money, no materials, not even space to work although I had time and enthusiasm to spare. Eventually, changes in my work and household situation meant more money etc was available but with a contingent loss of time and energy. For the last six or twelve months I've had the money and I've often even had the time but mental energy is at an all time, soul crushing, low. And trying to work on the car when I really, really don't feel like it just makes it worse. So I don't.

It's a hobby. It'll be finished when it's finished. If it has a deadline, it's a job, and I already have one of those.

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