19 August 2010

Realised I hadn't posted anything here for 6 months. Work has been proceeding on the car - as slowly as usual :). Here's a few updates.

Top front wishbone parts in the jig and finished product

Same for bottom front wishbones

Need to finish the parts and jigs for the rear wishbones and get them welded soon. Then all of the various brackets can get welded to the chassis, the suspension bolted together and the car sit on it's own wheels for the first time!

Off to the Leyburn Sprints in the morning so another weekend not spent in the workshop I suppose. Sometimes, having fun is more important.

Anyway, till next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dominic,
I've found my way to youe site because I'm considering something very similar to you.
A FWD set up in the back.
I'm begining to hear that it is a lot more difficult than a typical Locost/clubman set up?

Sounds like one of the biggest issues is the top strut supports?
I'm still in early stages of planning, but have permission off the Boss/wife.
Would be greatly interested to hear your thoughts.

Dominic said...

G'day Daryl.

In general, I think the biggest difficulty of building a car like this is the lack of precedents to refer to. There have been piles of clubmans built now by lots of people so there's lots of other people's mistakes to know and avoid. With a middy, you're often on your own :)

Strut supports (if you decide to build a strut rear) don't have to be a big issue. I probably over-complicated it for myself - it could be a lot simpler.

Drop me an email (dominic@diysportscar.org) and we can have a proper conversation in private.